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Jeep YJ Complete Windshield in green

1987-1995 Jeep YJ Wrangler Parts:

Painted or Powder Coated Complete Jeep Windshield

Frame, Glass & Moldings, assembled.  This windshield frame is a high-quality steel product. Please include your paint code AND vehicle year.



jeep windshield
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1987-95 Complete Windshield, CUSTOM COLOR
Usually ships in less than 2 weeks.

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Complete Jeep Windshield

Frame, Glass & Moldings, assembled.  This windshield frame is a high-quality steel product. There are many different grades of this part on the market and on the internet - we strive to carry the best available.
jeep windshield
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1987-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ
Complete Windshield Assembly


Economy Windshield Assembly 1987-95 YJ

Frame, Glass & Moldings, assembled.  Windshield and frame will arrive exactly as shown in the photo.
Economy 87-95 YJ Complete

1987-95 Jeep YJ
ECONOMY Windshield Assembly


Dented Windshield Assembly 1987-95 YJ

Usable/repairable Frame, Glass & Moldings, ASSEMBLED.  Windshield frame will arrive with underside dent as shown in the photo.
Dented 76-86 CJ Complete

1987-95 Jeep YJ
DENTED Windshield Complete Assembly

Windshield Hinges

Replacement hinges connect windshield frame to jeep body. This set of basic hinges is a simple solution to stiff, rusty hinges. Select paint job below to have these hinges custom painted to match your jeep.


jeep windshield hinges
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Windshield Hinges

Please choose one:
Year and color code (optional)

Windshield Hinge Removal Tool

Impact screwdriver w/ T40 Bit

jeep windshield hinge removal tool
Windshield Hinge Removal Tool

Cowl Gasket 1987-95

Replacement foam rubber gasket. Seals between the windshield frame & jeep body. The cowl gasket keeps water from puddling under the windshield frame and PREVENTS RUST.

cowl gasket
Jeep Cowl Gasket

Cowl Gasket Screws (9)

Set of 9 screws for attaching your cowl gasket to the bottom of your windshield frame.

cowl screws
Cowl Gasket Screws (9)
Fits 1976-1996 CJ & YJ

YJ Deluxe Windshield Replacement Kit

Windshield glass, inner & outer reveal molding and 2 tubes of primerless urethane.

Jeep Windshield Replacement Kit
Do it Yourself DELUXE
Windshield Replacement Kit

Glass, moldings & adhesive

Windshield Removal Knife

Professional tool for removing auto glass set in urethane. If you don't have a hot knife, you're going to need something powerful to cut through urethane. Lose the piano wire! Save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Use the knife used by auto glass professionals.
Auto Glass Cold Knife
Auto Glass Cold Knife
Windshield Removal Tool

2 Tubes of Urethane Adhesive

Primerless urethane - automotive adhesive. For use with glue-in style windshield, quarter glass, etc. Kit includes 2 tubes of urethane and 2 plastic applicator tips.

Essex Urethane
2 Urethane Tubes
Automotive Adhesive

Windshield GLASS ONLY

Premium laminated auto glass, OE-equivalent. This window will fit your original factory windshield frame.
windshield (glass only)
1987-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler
Front Windshield

Jeep Windshield Frame

High-quality aftermarket windshield frame for 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ.

jeep wrangler windshield frame
1987-95 Wrangler YJ Windshield Frame


Windshield Trim Kit - Inner/Outer Gaskets & Metal Fasteners

Part #GS1094 - Inner gasket material for windshield frame (visible from inside cabin) as well as the outer reveal molding for the windshield, including fasteners.

windshield trim
Windshield Trim Kit
Inner, outer, fasteners

YJ Windshield Reveal Molding

Premium reveal molding material for windshield glass. The vinyl trim goes on the edge of the glass BEFORE installation.

vinyl trim reveal molding for windshields

YJ Windshield OUTER Molding

INNER Windshield Gasket

Inner gasket that goes on the lip of the windshield frame. The inner gasket is fixed to the windshield frame and then the windshield glass is glued to the inner windshield gasket.

vinyl trim reveal molding for windshields

Windshield INNER Molding

Upper Channel for Windshield Frame

Fits 1976 Jeep CJ thru 1995 Jeep Wrangler.
upper channel for windshield frame
Upper Channel
for Windshield Frame

Back Window Glass

Premium tempered auto glass, OE-equivalent. Glass comes with holes for the following:  fittings, handles, shock arms, and wipers. This window will fit your original Jeep factory top.

jeep rear window
1987-95 Wrangler Rear Window

Heating Elements?
Wiper Thru Glass?

Back Window Hinges

Includes left, right, front and back, hardware (nuts, bolts, washers).
rear window hinges

1987-95 Rear Window Hinges
Part #GLH9706L/R (left & right)

Door Glass

Premium tempered auto glass will fit like original equipment. Please don't forget to choose left (driver) or right (passenger) above the "Add to Cart" button.

door glass
1987-95 Wrangler Door Glass


Rear Quarter Glass

Premium tempered auto glass. OE-equivalent glass will fit your hardtop like the original. Please don't forget to choose left side (driver) or right side (passenger) above the "Add to Cart" button.

jeep quarter glass
1987-95 Wrangler Quarter Glass


Quick Release Hinge Pins

Set of 2, windshield hinge pins. Remove or replace your windshield frame in seconds. Click here to see a detailed picture of the hinge pins in action.

quick release windshield hinge pins
Quick Release
Windshield Hinge Pins

Torques Head Windshield Hinge Bolts

Set of 16, premium, torques head bolts.
torques head windshield hinge bolts
Torques Head Hinge Bolts
Set of 16

Windshield Hinge Bolts

Set of 16, premium, stainless steel hinge bolts.
Never rust again!
windshield hinge bolts
Windshield Hinge Bolts
Set of 16

Full door seals, Left & Right side

Driver AND Passenger side, full door seals, snap in.

jeep door seal
Side seal for full jeep doors
Fits: 1976 CJ thru 1995 YJ Wrangler