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1967-1972 Jeep Commando/Jeepster Parts:

Windshield GLASS ONLY

Premium laminated auto glass, OE-equivalent. This window will fit your original factory windshield frame.
Windshield glass only
1967-72 Jeep Commando/Jeepster
Windshield GLASS ONLY

Windshield Gasket Seal

OEM quality rubber gasket for front windshield - should be used when replacing your windshield glass.
Windshield gasket

1967-72 Jeep Commando/Jeepster
Windshield Gasket

Windshield Cowl Gasket

Replacement rubber gasket seals between the windshield frame & jeep body. The cowl gasket keeps water from puddling under the windshield frame and PREVENTS RUST.
Windshield cowl gasket

1967-72 Commando/Jeepster
Windshield Cowl Gasket